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Professional Sole Conversion

Image of Professional Sole Conversion

Ace Blackouts are proud to offer our customers our professional sole conversion service where customers have a choice of adding between 4 and 6 studs to the soleplate of each boot.

This service is brilliant for converting firm ground style football boots into mixed/soft ground soleplates. The replacement of the previous studs by our performance studs, gives added traction and stability can really improve players game and testing conditions.

Appearance wise, the mixed soleplate conversions look fantastic and many of the modern professionals are turning towards customised mixed studded sole conversions.

As part of the process, we can advise which studs we believe would be best to be replaced but also allow customers to chose which studs they want to select to change.

Our turn around time is one week for stud conversions. Return postage is included (within UK) in the price of the stud conversions and we send all orders back to you 1st class signed for 📮